Hi! I’m Tom, a Yorkshire (UK) lad in love with adventures, the outdoors and all things bikepacking! In 2013, I went on my first bikepacking adventure with my Dad in France. We had such an incredible experience that we’ve kept up the bikepacking tradition, at least once every year! (Check out the timeline of my bikepacking life below!)


Since 2020, I’ve been learning about videography and have been publishing my bikepacking adventure films on my YouTube channel. I work full time, but would love to turn my part-time passion for filming bikepacking adventures into a career! So please support me in any way you can if you like my films!


I bring out a bikepacking adventure film every single month so please consider subscribing to the channel and checking out my products in the shop! All the best, and happy bikepacking! 

Tom Wall (Cycling366)

France 2013

Glorious weather, but we weren't the most prepared... Comes with experience! (Note the rucksacks - not bikepacking bags or panniers!) We got the Eurotunnel bike transport into France and cycled from bed and breakfast, to bed and breakfast. Luxury!

Yorkshire 2018

In 2018, I went on my first solo bikepacking trip in the Yorkshire Dales, over a weekend. I bivvied on top of Malham Cove, which was a great experience. The first time you undertake a solo trip, it is always daunting, but it's a necessary step to overcoming your fears!

Kent 2019

In 2019, I started taking bikepacking more seriously. I bought my signature Cannondale Topstone gravel bike, which you'll have seen on my films and invested in some bikepacking bags. This setup has been fine tuned since then, but it allowed me to carry so much more stuff without my bike feeling flimsy.

Scotland 2020 - My first bikepacking film

Genesis. My Dad and I caught the train up to Inverness in summer 2020 during the pandemic. My first attempt at a bikepacking film using just a Go Pro and a DJI Mavic Mini, which has now had over 20,000 views! Click the picture to watch!

Yorkshire Dales 2021 - My first solo bikepacking film in the new format

In 2020 I fell in love with videography. In 2021 I wanted to improve my filming quality, so invested in new equipment: all of which I still use to this day! It was the first time I had filmed a solo adventure and I learned a lot from the experience.

Tenerife 2022

In 2022, I completed my first ever international bikepacking film. I flew to Tenerife in the Canary Islands with my bike and all my gear to create a cinematic adventure film. Again, I learned a lot and will be doing more of this this year!